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SeeView Security is the premier provider of business and government security solutions, including video surveillance cameras, building access controls and broadband wireless systems in the Metropolitan Washington, DC and Federal Government sectors. SeeView is licensed with the VA DCJS and has installed access control and video surveillance systems for hundreds of customers in the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland area. We are locally owned and operated and offer a complete solution including system design, installation and maintenance. SeeView serves a broad number of customers including commercial building owners, data warehouse and cloud computing facilities, and governmental agencies.


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SeeView attributes its customers’ loyalty to three core philosophical approaches within our organization:

Know what you do and do what you know

We don’t try to be everything to everybody. We are a premium provider of security camera, access control and broadband wireless systems and we think that we do a pretty good job of it. Our licensed professionals have extensive industry experience and we continually provide training in an effort to keep our people sharp and current. We work with some of the premium name manufacturers in the world and partner with some of the most respected names in the DC area.

Probably equally important is what knowing what we don’t do. We probably turn away as much business as we accept. We don’t turn away business because we are lazy. We do it because we want to offer the customer the best possible price/performance solution and overall experience. Inside our core competencies, we have learned that we can deliver on our goal consistently. Outside our core competencies, there are probably better answers than us. So rather than trying to expend our business by expanding our breadth of offering, we are expending it by being experts in what we do and gaining more of the market in our area, which results in even greater expertise to the benefit of all of our customers.

The customer is king

We want to make you happy. We will work hard to make you happy. One of the advantages that we have over our competitors is that we are structured to accomplish this. As a small focused organization, we can provide personalized attention. Likewise, by applying technology and staying focused on the customer, we can provide 24/7 support and response times that are competitive with anyone in the DC area. We encourage direct and ongoing contact between our field technicians and our customers. We want a relationship where our technicians know you and know your property, not just your account number.

At your site, we demand that our technicians remember who is paying their paycheck, you! We expect them to be on time and ready to tackle the job. They will keep you informed of the project as it progresses and do everything reasonably within their power to bring the project in on-time and on-budget. They will perform the work in a safe and professional manner. They will leave the area behind them clean. If follow up work is required, to the extent possible, the same technician will do the work to capitalize on their familiarity with your unique situation.

So if you have had enough of wading through telephone menus and call center centers and technicians who are here today and never seen again, please give us a call and see what personalized service is all about.

Let technology be your friend

The final reason for choosing SeeView for your security camera and access control needs is SeeView’s Internet Protocol (IP) centric approach to security. Rapid evolutions in technology now permit most security services such as security cameras and access control systems to function and be connected like any type of computer device on a local area network (LAN).

Although IP based security camera and access control systems are readily available, many of our competitors continue to offer proprietary and often archaic systems. Why would they do this? To lock you into a system that is inflexible and incompatible with industry standards. But that doesn’t make any sense so why would they do that? So that you are stuck with them! If you need to update or upgrade a proprietary systems, you have only two choices (1) use your current vendor to upgrade the system regardless of whether you are happy with or whether their proposed solution is cost competitive or (2) rip the whole system out and do it again.

With SeeView’s standards based open platform architecture, adding additional items, such additional cameras is as simple as adding another printer to your network. In fact, you are free to mix and match cameras from a wide variety of camera manufacturers so that we can help you to have the best price performance system available.

But what if I just want to add onto my existing system? SeeView is here to help even if you just want to add to your existing system. SeeView works with a wide number of camera, DVR, NVR and access control manufacturers so chances are good that we can optimize your existing system even if it is a proprietary system installed by someone else. Even better, we can often incorporate open architecture interfaces so that we can migrate you system towards broader compatibility while using you’re your existing system.

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