SeeView Security, Inc. was formed in 2009 to purchase the Electronic Security Division (“ESD”) of Lord & Company Technologies. As a result of the customers and expertise acquired in the ESD transaction, Seeview provided a variety of services including installation, monitoring and maintenance of burglar alarms, access control systems, surveillance cameras, security gates and locks. Although still a relatively new company, SeeView had broad experience and high quality customers.

Seeing the obvious advantages that pure internet protocol (IP) camera systems have over traditional analog closed circuit television systems (CCTV), SeeView aggressively jumped in front of the adoption of IP camera deployments investing heavily in training of its personnel and analysis of product offerings. As a result, SeeView has quickly become known as the go-to source for mission critical video surveillance systems, particularly amongst federal government agencies and law enforcement. As the scale of the IP camera deployments grew, increasingly SeeView was required to provide broadband wireless transport for many of the cameras it deployed. Leveraging on past experience in the wireless industry, SeeView is accomplished in providing reliable mega-pixel surveillance systems in areas where conditions preclude the deployment of traditional wired solutions.

Based on the success of deploying all IP camera systems, SeeView was approached by a governmental agency looking for IP based access control that could be integrated with a surveillance camera system. Once again grasping the important benefits of IP access control systems and more importantly, the integration of IP access control and camera systems, SeeView has rapidly expanded into this area. Quickly, SeeView discovered that the sophisticated systems that they were deploying for federal agencies were equally required in the private sector for control and accountability, particularly in data warehouses and cloud computing systems.

Today, SeeView is a well known and respected provider of integrated IP systems in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Metro DC market. In addition, we provide solutions in other geographic areas to provide consistency of user experience for our governmental and data/cloud center customers. We are continuously investigating new products and methodologies to consistently improve the systems and capabilities that we can offer. To see how Seeview can help you to more efficiently monitor and control access to your mission critical assets, please contact us right away. We will be delighted to review your situation and suggest a solution that not only meets, but exceeds your requirements.

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