Case Study: Easton Utilities Customer Service Center Needs 2-Way Communication at Customer Access Areas

CLIENT: Easton Utilities in Maryland


  • Client wanted to clearly view AND communicate remotely with customers via a tamper-resistant device at exterior entry points to the customer service lobby. According to the client, “we had customers walking into the customer service area off the street without any formal way to announce they were in the lobby and needed some help.”
  • Client had video surveillance equipment previously installed by SeeView Security; however, not all customer service areas of the business were included in those installations.
  • Client contacted SeeView and had seen the 2-way audio-video demo of the AvigilonH4 Video Intercom product while seeking a more personalized experience with each customer trying to access the main lobby
  • Existing security monitoring platform should not be replaced, but enhanced if possible for multiple locations
  • Existing cameras limited to security footage could not upgrade to the popular new two-way audio-video configurations
  • No remote access to security system status
  • In need of additional cameras in critical areas for customer service

Business Objectives

  • Improve and upgrade access to real-time customer interactions without having to increase staffing requirements in the customer service reception area
  • Improve security video quality with HD cameras and two-way audio capabilities
  • Mobile access via cell phones would be an ideal solution to remotely grant access at several entry points
  • Utilize existing cameras and cabling where possible to keep costs down and integrate with video management software
  • Increase coverage area of security cameras
  • Consolidate security monitoring into a desirable location

Why did the client choose SeeView Security?

  • SeeView Security is the premier provider of business and government security solutions, including video surveillance cameras, building access controls and broadband wireless systems in the Metropolitan Washington, DC and Federal Government sectors.
  • SeeView is an established vendor of Avigilon technologies and an approved vendor with most government groups including utilities. SeeView has a reliable and cost effective set of integration solutions with direct access to Avigilon and other preferred technology product manufacturers.
  • SeeView is licensed with the VA DCJS and has installed access control and video surveillance systems for hundreds of customers in the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland area. We are locally owned and operated and offer a complete solution including system design, installation and maintenance.
  • SeeView was the only provider able to meet all the client’s requirements, including utilizing existing infrastructure to cost-effectively transition the property over the HD cameras and security video

The Solution and Results:

  • Installed Avigilon H4 Video Intercom to allow video and voice data to be used for communication with customers at entry points, providing an increase in audio and video quality and significant costs savings versus staffing increases to occupy the lobby desk area during high and low traffic time periods
  • Use existing H4 platform previously installed and consolidate all property video security surveillance; monitoring in a single location
  • Install Avigilon H4 remote capabilities to allow for cell phone notifications when a customer enters the or requests entry to lobby from public access points
  • Exceptional wide dynamic video range and low-light image capture for identification purposes
  • 3-year hardware warranty on all new equipment (4th and 5th year optional)
  • Vandal and tamper-resistant device with noise-reduction and echo-canceling technology for clear two-way communication
  • Remote monitoring now available on devices such as remote PCs, Smart Phones, and iPads
  • Scalable to increase capacity and storage indefinitely
  • Complete turn-key solution including onsite end-user training for your staff


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