Case Study: The Whitman Analog to HD Over IP Security System Conversion


  • The Whitman – Luxury Condominiums in Washington, D.C.

Case Study: The Whitman Analog to IP Conversion


  • Client had outdated analog security cameras fed with coaxial cable; poor video quality
  • Existing DVRs for security monitoring were in (3) different locations
  • Existing fixed analog cameras limit security footage coverage area and create blind spots
  • No remote access to security system status
  • In need of additional cameras in critical areas

Business Objective(s)

  • Improve and upgrade security for property owners and tenants
  • Improve security video quality with HD cameras
  • Utilize existing analog cameras and coaxial cabling where possible to keep costs down
  • Increase coverage area of security cameras
  • Consolidate security monitoring into (1) location

Why did the client choose SeeView?

  • SeeView Security is the premier provider of business and government security solutions, including video surveillance cameras, building access controls and broadband wireless systems in the Metropolitan Washington, DC and Federal Government sectors.
  • SeeView is licensed with the VA DCJS and has installed access control and video surveillance systems for hundreds of customers in the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland area. We are locally owned and operated and offer a complete solution including system design, installation and maintenance.
  • SeeView was the only provider able to meet all the client’s requirements, including utilizing existing coaxial cable infrastructure to cost-effectively transition the property over the HD cameras and security video


  • Installed Avigilon Video Encoders to allow video data to be sent over existing coaxial cable and with existing analog cameras, providing a 30% increase in video quality and significant costs savings versus running new Ethernet cabling
  • Install (1) single video surveillance server to consolidate all property video security surveillance; monitoring in a single location
  • Install Avigilon Video Surveillance Software
    • Open-platform IP based Video Management System
    • No annual licensing fees
    • 3-year hardware warranty on all new equipment (4th and 5th year optional)
    • Supports ultra-high definition cameras from 1 to 30 megapixels!
    • Advanced search features such as Avigilon’s Advanced Self-Learning Analytics dramatically reduce the time it takes to search and retrieve video
    • Remote monitoring now available on devices such as remote PCs, Smart Phones, and iPads
    • Scalable to increase capacity and storage indefinitely
    • Complete turn-key solution including onsite end-user training for your staff
  • Install new 3, 5 and 12 megapixel HD cameras from Avigilon
    • 5 megapixel HD camera utilized near vehicle garage door to provide crystal clear license plate recognition of cars entering and exiting the property
    • 12 megapixel/360 degree fisheye HD camera utilized in the rear alley to provide a panoramic view of the entire area, eliminating blind spots created by previous fixed analog camera in same location

Avigilon H4 Fisheye Camera


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