Moonblink Signs SeeView Security Inc as Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) Partner

SeeView Security and Moonblink’s VSaaS Deliver Powerful, Simple and Cost-Effective Video Surveillance

Silicon Valley, August 15, 2012 – Moonblink Communications, a value-added distributor delivering wireless and video surveillance solutions, today announced it has signed SeeView Security Inc, a premier provider of security, surveillance and access control systems, as a certified Moonblink Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) Partner. The addition of Moonblink’s VSaaS to their existing offerings helps SeeView provide a solution for customers who need a highly secure system, but without the high equipment and upkeep costs of traditional surveillance systems.

“Moonblink’s VSaaS is the perfect fit for customers looking for a highly capable and cost-effective surveillance solution without the high entry cost associated with traditional DVR/NVR deployments,” said Danny McKinney, Vice President at SeeView Security. “In addition to the initial cost savings, VSaaS is also far simpler to deploy, and requires very little upkeep.”

Moonblink’s VSaaS offering bundles Moonblink’s years of video surveillance planning and deployment expertise, which SeeView can leverage when planning surveillance networks, with EMC’s information infrastructure expertise, which gives both SeeView and customers the peace of mind of knowing their critical surveillance footage is safe and secure. By utilizing Axis network surveillance cameras and encoders onsite and EMC Storage at the data center, SeeView can offer the Moonblink VSaaS bundle to customers at a fraction of the standard DVR/NVR deployment costs. The solution is truly plug and play – simply connect a camera or encoder to the Internet, enter the device’s serial number into the software management system, and you’re up and running. Footage is stored remotely and that footage becomes fully accessible from anywhere via any Web browser.

SeeView, whose customers include commercial buildings, datacenters/cloud computing facilities and government agencies throughout Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland, says that the simplicity and cost savings of VSaaS are not the only drivers for the demand of the service.

“VSaaS is also ideal for deployments where wired connections are not feasible or cost effective. And by combining this technology with wireless or cellular service – and even solar panels when remote power is needed – we can enable the protection of assets in traditionally challenging locations,” said McKinney. “We are also seeing this technology being deployed for disaster contingency planning as a redundant failover for a traditional server-based video management system. It insures that even if the primary surveillance system is completely destroyed, forensic video is still secure in the cloud.”

There are four tiers of pricing for the Moonblink VSaaS bundle, which are based on how much data is to be stored, the resolution needed, frames per second, and the number of days footage needs to be stored. To learn more and to discuss which solution is right for you, please contact SeeView at moc.y1614312364tiruc1614312364eswei1614312364vees@1614312364seciv1614312364resoe1614312364div1614312364 or 703-825-5822.

About SeeView Security, Inc.

SeeView Security is the premier provider of security/surveillance camera, access control and broadband wireless systems in the Metropolitan Washington, DC and Federal Government sectors. SeeView is licensed with the VA DCJS and has installed access control and video surveillance systems for hundreds of customers in the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland area. We are locally owned and operated and offer a complete solution including system design, installation and maintenance. SeeView serves a broad number of customers including commercial building owners, data warehouse and cloud computing facilities, and governmental agencies. For more information, please visit: SeeView Security | Security Install

About Moonblink Communications

Moonblink Communications is a value-added distributor (VAD) with a targeted focus on wireless and video surveillance systems. It is our mission to provide VARs and Integrators the solutions they need to successfully deploy the best wireless systems available for their customers while providing the greatest value. With a targeted wireless technology portfolio from the industry’s leading manufacturers, we provide a complete spectrum of wireless and video surveillance solutions including WiFi, WiMAX, wireless Voice over WiFi, wireless surveillance camera systems, Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), license-free and licensed broadband wireless solutions. For more information, please visit: Moonblink


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