Seeview Security Launches Strategic Initiative To Secure Cloud Computing Data Centers

Industry leading surveillance cameras and access control systems give data center operators and hosted customers greater control and situational awareness of their servers

Fairfax, Virginia – August 03, 2011 – In response to robust demand, SeeView Security, Inc. (SeeView) announced today that it is launching a formal program to address the needs of large scale data centers which are increasingly used for cloud computing applications. SeeView’s Security’s Cloud Solutions provide enhanced physical security for the data center as well as the individual racks and servers operating within such facilities. For years SeeView security has been providing video security and access control solutions for various governmental customers with extremely challenging security needs. The requirements of these governmental customers, including demanding security requirements, ease of accessibility and ease of administration are the same requirements that arise during the operation of a large scale data center.

Daniel McKinney, Vice President of SeeView comments,”SeeView has been providing security and access control systems to large scale governmental customers for years. Through this process and our interaction with high security agencies, we have established a number of solutions that are optimized for implementation in large scale commercial data centers. We can offer data center operators with complete facility-wide physical security as well as rack/server specific security that the data center operator can provide to its cloud clients either as part of their overall service or on an incremental fee upgrade basis. In addition, we can give cloud clients that want better control and information regarding the security and status of their remote servers a solution regardless of where those servers are located. We find that our mega-pixel IP based camera systems can often be used to identify and troubleshoot problems which can often reduce or eliminate the need to send personnel to the data center. ”

Seeview Security’s Cloud Solutions can greatly enhance the physical security and situational awareness of hosted servers that support cloud computing applications. SeeView encourages owners and operators of large scale data centers to contact us to discuss how we can help them to provide a better environment to their hosting customers with the added benefit of revenue and margin improvement.

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