Seeview Security Unveils The Seewall Technology Center

Showcase for Vendors of Video Security Components Operational

Fairfax, Virginia – September 10, 2009 – SeeView Security, Inc. (SeeView) announced today that it has completed the construction of the SeeWall Technology Center at its corporate headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. The SeeWall Technology Center provides a platform for Vendors of video security components to showcase their products in the Metro DC area. Industry leading vendors in the video security world that have already added their products to the SeeWall include: Samsung Techwin, Milestone, Axis, Ubiquiti, IQinVision, GeoVision and ShieldTech.

The SeeWall is a video wall consisting of multiple large scale flat panel monitors supported by powerful servers running video management software. Connected to the SeeWall with both wired and wireless connections are multiple cameras from multiple vendors. Finally, layered over the system are video analytic solutions. The combination of powerful video management and multiple cameras allows a viewer to compare the performance and characteristics of multiple cameras from multiple vendors head –to-head and in real time. The SeeWall also lets prospective customers try out video management and analytic products to make sure that they will meet their needs before buying.

Daniel McKinney, Vice President of SeeView comments, ”We have listened to the needs of both our valued customers and suppliers. Customers will love the SeeWall because it lets them see exactly what a system can do. Vendors love it because it allows them to showcase their products in the Metro-DC market, providing a great introduction to FedGov agencies and departments. One of the biggest challenges with high quality video is that it requires signficant bandwidth so remote demonstrations usually do a disservice to the product. Unfortunately, at some point during a presentation done over the Internet, the vendor ends up saying ‘It looks that way because you are viewing it over the Internet. What you will see will actually be much better.’ With the Seewall, what you see is what you’ll get.”

SeeView customers are encouraged to schedule a visit to view the SeeWall Technology Center to learn about the latest developments in the world of video surveillance. SeeView also encourages anyone in the Metro DC considering deployment of a commercial or governmental quality system in the Metro DC area to contact SeeView for a showing. Finally, all vendors of security camera equipment and software are welcome to contact SeeView for consideration of inclusion of their products in the SeeWall Technology Showcase. In all cases, just call us at 703-825-5822 or e-mail us at *protected email* to schedule an appointment.

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SeeView installs monitors and maintains premium access control, security, surveillance and broadband wireless systems in the metropolitan Washington, DC, Virginia and Mid-Atlantic region. SeeView serves a broad number of customers including commercial building owners, property management companies, governmental agencies, home owner associations, as well as businesses and multi-dwelling residential customers. For more information on SeeView and its products and services, please contact us here.


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