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SeeView offers a full array of security camera systems ranging from analog CCTV systems to mega-pixel IP systems to Intelligent IP Video Surveillance to Remote Monitoring Services. We are confident that we can design, install and maintain a security camera system that will greatly enhance your ability to see what is going on at your facilities. Unfortunately, security camera systems don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package so a certain level of customization has to come with each deployment. This brief description is intended to give you a basic understanding of the critical elements of a security camera system so that you are better prepared to talk with SeeView’s licensed professionals in actually designing, installing and maintaining a security camera system.

When choosing the right security camera system it is important to consider 4 critical components of any security camera system which are:

Security Camera System Components
Security Cameras

Avigilon HD Bullet Camera

Avigilon HD Bullet Camera

It is pretty obvious that cameras are an important part of a security camera system. It may not be as obvious that it is important to use the right camera for the job and unfortunately, one size does not fit all. Critical issues to consider when choosing the right camera for each location include:

  • Is the camera located inside or outside?
  • Where do the cameras need to be located and how many do you need?
  • Does the camera need to record 24 hours a day or just during daylight hours?
  • Is there sufficient night time lighting or does the camera need to be self illuminating (infra-red)?
  • Does the camera need to record in color?
  • How much resolution does the camera need? This is determined by issues such as how much optical and digital zoom will be required, light levels and whether the recording may be used as evidence or strictly for monitoring purposes.
  • Does the application require that the camera has analytics (intelligence)?

SeeView’s licensed professions are happy to discuss your camera needs and work with you to design the optimal configuration to view the events that you want viewed when you want them to be viewed. We offer a full range of cameras from industry leaders, such as Avigilon, Iqivision, Arecont Vision, Videoiq, Axis.

Video Storage

Commonly referred to by the method for storage, such as Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR), the storage system determines how much video you can record.

Typically DVRs consist of actual optical drives and are available in specific number of channels such a 1, 4, or 16 channel DVRs with each channel supporting one camera. Generally, DVR’s come with proprietary software that allows you to manage the storage and retrieval of your video information. SeeView offers NVRs from leading providers.

NVR’s utilize software to store the video on a hard drive and thus can be segmented to support virtually any number of cameras with all of the cameras sharing the drive(s) of the NVR. Generally, a NVR system consists of a standard network server with large optical memory (up to tens of terabytes) with the video data being managed by third party software. SeeView primarily recommends video servers from HP but also offers servers from a variety of manufacturers. On the software level, SeeView is a Platinum VAR for Milestone and primarily recommends Milestone for its deployments but also offers software products, including video management, retrieval, and analytics, from a variety suppliers, such as Pivot3 vSTAC, Agility Video,Vidient, BriefCam Video Synopsis..

Factors that determine how much storage you require include:

  • Resolution of what you are recording
  • Number of frames per second
  • Length of Storage (number of days, weeks or months that you want to retain the video for)
  • Compression technology employed
  • Amount of movement of recorded objects


Video Management

As discussed above, most DVR and NVR systems provide you with the methodology to store and retrieve your video information. The level of sophistication, ease of use and breadth of capabilities varies considerable depending on your specific needs. At SeeView, we highly recommend that you visit our SeeWall Technology Showcase to see the different products and capabilities to better determine what solution is best for you. When determining the best solution for your applications, it is imperative to consider who will be operating the system. Often times, a simpler but more user friendly is the right answer in many applications.

In addition to storage and retrieval capabilities, a variety of products are available that provide analytical capabilities to your security camera system. SeeView offers analytic capabilities such as perimeter intrusion, people/vehicle counting, stopped vehicle, removed object and remote guard service. Video analytic systems often require significant implementation and calibration investment so they are not for everyone but once properly deployed, they provide significant safety enhancement and cost savings.


When we refer to “transport” we are talking about how the video information moves from the cameras to the storage unit. Historically, CCTV systems used specialized coaxial cable to bring the signal back to a proprietary storage device and SeeView still offers such a solution, typically to support or expand legacy systems. Increasingly, both the cameras and the DVR/NVR are Ethernet ready and can be connected by CAT-5 cable, which is the blue cable that you see connecting computers in a network.

When considering a security camera deployment, it is important to understand if it economically feasible to bring the video information from the cameras to the storage device. Surprisingly, especially in older buildings or deployments that cover a large geographical area, transport can be a majority of the project cost even though the cable is relatively inexpensive. In other projects, such as projects that require traversing a freeway, river or sensitive area, traditional transport solutions are not viable at any cost. Fortunately, SeeView is a leader in offering wireless transport of video information. We have found that in many applications, a hybrid combination of wired and wireless transport of the video information provides the optimal price/performance solution for our customers.

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