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Data and Cloud Center Security SolutionsSince the widespread adoption of the Internet, specialized data centers have proliferated that provide data storage or computational procession from a centralized location. This trend appears to be accelerating as a result of “cloud computing” and functions run at large-scale mission-critical facilities are becoming increasingly important to everyday life.

Anyone who has ever gotten a virus on their computer can relate to the importance of having firewalls, virus protection and other assorted cyber-security to protect these data warehouses and cloud computing centers. We don’t do that. What we provide are state-of-the-art physical security solutions. Server failures, data theft, data/configuration modification or worse can be caused by a variety of physical events as benign as the someone accidentally unplugging the wrong server to as extreme as a terrorist sabotaging a server, facility or network. Helping our data center and cloud computing customers to prevent or at least hinder these efforts is what we do.

Our typical data/cloud computing solution consists of an all IP integrated solution consisting of the three parts:

  • Facility access control which limits who and when personnel can gain access to the facility and retains of record of such access
  • Mega-Pixel IP cameras that retain a visual record of what transpired at the facility
  • Access control on the individual server or rack level that once again controls who can gain access to the server, when they can gain such access and retains a record of when such access occurred

The advantages of an integrated SeeView solution are:

  • Easily set authorizations on both the facility and the individual rack level at the same time
  • Provide more convenient access to the facility while not compromising the security of the servers
  • Integration of video to the access control systems provide for automatic retrieval of video related to that access to verify if the person making such access was the same person associated with the card and code the permitted such access and to help identify such person if they are not
  • Provides a quick way to respond to an incident as well as ignore false positives

So if you have a data warehouse, cloud computing center or any other large scale data center, please call us to see what we can do to help you increase security and situational awareness.

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