Mega-Pixel Camera and Access Control

Besides the stand alone advantages of the Mega-Pixel IP camera systems that we deploy, some of the biggest benefits arise from the integration of the video system with other IP systems that you might have, most typically access control. Access Control generally means a system that utilizes electronic or magnetic locks that limit access to some or all of a facility except for people with the proper credentials, typically some combination of a mag-strip or proximity card, pass code and/or biometrics.

Typical Mega-Pixel IP Video and IP Access Control System Components

  • Access Control which limits who and when personnel can gain access to the facility and retains of record of such access
  • Mega-Pixel IP cameras that retain a visual record of what transpired at the facility

Milestone Synapsis

Milestone Synapsis

Advantages of an Integrated SeeView Solution

  • Easily set authorizations who and when people can access a facility: this is vastly superior to the old metal key solution that limits who can access a facility but not when
  • Provide more convenient access to the facility while providing a record of wh gained access and when they gained access
  • Integration of video to the access control systems provide for automatic retrieval of video related to that access to verify if the person making such access was the same person associated with the card and code the permitted such access and to help identify such person if they are not
  • Provides a quick way to respond to an incident as well as ignore false positives

So if you have any type of facility where you would like to increase your security and situational awareness please call us to see what we can do to help.

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