Mega-Pixel IP Camera

A Brief History of Surveillance Camera Systems

Mega-Pixel IP Security CamerasIn an effort to increase efficiency of security personnel as well as to provide information and documentation to capture and prosecute people engaged in nefarious activity, video surveillance cameras have been actively deployed throughout the world for years. The first closed circuit television (CCTV) system was offered in the United States in 1949 Until recently, the typical CCTV system consisted of analog cameras sending an analog transmission over co-axial cable to a recording device (such as a VCR or DVR).

Shortcomings of CCTV Systems

  • It is very difficult and expensive to archive and retrieve recorded video
  • Typically CCTV systems are proprietary and non-interoperable meaning once you went with a vendor, you were stuck with that vendor
  • CCTV are stand alone systems and not well suited for integration into other security/access control systems nor other data network systems
  • Intelligent processing of the video is difficult or impossible
  • CCTV systems end up being very expensive to operate

Mega-Pixel IP Cameras

Fortunately, with the evolution of the computer networking and Internet technologies, increasingly systems are available that utilize cameras that instantly convert their video into a digital format for easy and cost effective transport, storage and retrieval of the information. Initially, these digital video cameras (we’ll call them IP cameras for short) were inferior to existing analog cameras in terms of clarity of picture, low light sensitivity and reliability.

However, IP cameras have evolved at an amazing rate so that they are now the superior solution for virtually and video recording application. One of the major advancements of IP cameras has been in the resolution that they are able to capture. Just like your digital camera that you use to take pictures, IP cameras are judged partly on how much information (specifically pixels) they can capture in each frame. A Mega-Pixel camera can capture a million pixels of information per frame. Although lower cost IP camera systems are readily available from many big-box stores, any one that has attempted to retrieve meaningful information in anything other than ideal conditions will attest to the adage “you get what you pay for.”

SeeView is proud to offer a large variety of IP Mega-Pixel cameras from some of the world leading providers. SeeView has built its SeeWall ® Test Center and is continually testing new products to be able to continuously offer its best-of-breed solutions. Because all of our IP Mega-Pixel cameras produce IP industry standard signals, they can be easily transported by traditional networking equipment (generally CAT 5 cable which is the blue cables that you use to connect your computers but also wireless such as Wi-Fi or LTE). Also, the equipment that is used to storage, manage and retrieve the video data is standard computer equipment rather than a proprietary stand alone device.

Advantages of IP Mega-Pixel Camera Systems

  • Very quick, easy and inexpensive to retrieve recorded video
  • Open architecture system where a variety of vendors are continually competing to give you the most bang for your buck
  • Since the systems are natively IP, they are easily integrated into any system that you might have such as access control, inventory management or video analytics
  • Mega-Pixel IP systems are much cheaper to operate
  • Mega-Pixel IP systems are very flexible and easily provide enhanced capabilities such as the ability to monitor and review video from virtually anywhere including a smart phone

If you are tired of the costs and restrictions of your analog based system, please give us a call. Not only can we vastly upgrade your system but we also utilize Ethernet over Coax technology that can often allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of a Mega-Pixel IP camera system without the expense of pulling new cable!

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