Wireless Camera Systems

Wireless Camera Systems If you read about our Mega-Pixel IP cameras, you know that just like your personal digital camera, surveillance cameras are enjoying an incredible increase in resolution. That is very good news but it also means that for all that video to be recorded and managed, it must be transported somewhere. The typical solution is to hook the cameras up to the Network Video Recorder (NVR) through CAT 5 cables. Generally, this is a good cost effective solution but as Mega-Pixel IP camera deployments grow in scale, increasingly, the network requirement exceed the capabilities of wired solutions.

When Wireless Transport of IP Video Is Needed

  • Outdoor deployments where it is cost prohibitive to bring a wired solution
  • Deployments where cameras must deployed over large areas
  • Deployments in buildings where running cable is impractical such as buildings that are of historical significance or contain hazardous materials such as asbestos
  • Deployments that need to be deployed rapidly or are intended as temporary or mobile networks

SeeView has extensive experience in deploying Mega-Pixel IP camera systems in which some or all of the video is carried over wireless links. Depending on our customer’s requirements our wireless systems can be as simple as connecting a camera to a network with Wi-Fi or it could involve redundant, high security, heavily encrypted microwave or millimeter wave links spanning many miles. So if you need to put a camera somewhere and you just don’t know how to get the feed back to where you need it, please give us a call. You might be surprised how fast and easy we can make it work.

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